About the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA)

We are all wired to excel at certain tasks. When we align our natural behaviors to these tasks, both our productivity and energy soar, and thus the impact on our organization and/or team can be profound.


AVA (Activity Vector Analysis) is a work-related system of behavioral assessment tools widely recognized for its accuracy, validity, simplicity, and utility. AVA provides the “why” behind behavior in the workplace, enabling you to hire, coach, and develop team members to their best possible performance.

Over the past 10+ years, the AVA has been customized for the commercial real estate industry and applied to 1,000’s of CRE professionals through the work of both Innovative Learning and The Massimo Group.

Today, scores of professionals rely on the AVA for their hiring, promotion, and team assembling decisions.

Our clients use AVA because they’re serious about creating a high-functioning workplace. They see AVA as high-value, backed by a responsive, accessible, service-oriented team of professionals.

Imagine doing what you do best and having your team members doing what they do best. Imagine how much more productive, you would be. Imagine how much less stressed you would be.

Individual AVA Reports


AVA provides invaluable, actionable information to CRE owners, managers and team leaders by providing them with a profile that measures how suitable a candidate’s behavioral attributes are for the job. Used in conjunction with the Job Activity Rating (JAR) that has been developed for commercial real estate brokerage, CRE Perform’s AVA provides a behavioral profile of the job to determine the likelihood that this individual is matched correctly according to the most essential performance criteria—behavior.

In the world of commercial real estate, you need to be sure you have the right person positioned for each stage of the transaction. Who is best at finding the business, who at winning the business and who at fulfilling the business? Who is best at service and expanding your client relationships and who will excel at performing the research and analysis?

Team AVA Reports


Team development and optimization are primary uses for AVA. By identifying the behavioral characteristics of your teams, AVA pinpoints the right candidates for achieving specific goals or assigning project tasks. AVA focuses on how to maximize each person’s performance by placing individuals in roles consistent with their natural behavioral potential. And when conflicts arise, AVA helps you understand the underlying interpersonal dynamics in the team that are creating challenges, allowing you to manage the conflict so that team members can keep working toward set goals.

How to Leverage The AVA to Grow a More Productive Team